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Stacy Brown is definitely on a quest to find the perfect chicken salad. One day she had an epiphany: Everyone’s notion of the ideal chicken salad is totally different! The stay-at-home mom set to work perfecting her own recipe, recruiting her family and neighbors to taste-test, before arriving at the one.

Once Stacy had the chicken salad that made her friends and relations say “mmm, yes ma’am,” she started dropping off samples of her creation in teachers’ lounges and hair salons, and then began selling door-to-door. Orders poured in; was born. One day Stacy received a phone call from Stan using the Lee County Health Department, who told her the home business was illegal. Along with her chicken salad still very popular, Stacy and her husband, Kevin Brown, were motivated to start up a carry-out only, humble yet honest-to-goodness restaurant where they might spread joy, enrich lives, and serve others. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Listen here to the “How I Built This” podcast for a lot of the details in the Chicken Salad Chick journey.

The Long Run is Bright

Beneath the leadership of CEO Scott Deviney, in addition to Eagle Merchant Partners and Chairman in the Board Russ Umphenour, franchising is taking off in a major way. Chicken Salad Chick boasts 95 restaurants across 10 states and can grow to 100 in the end of 2018. We have been offering craveable, made-from-scratch meals served from your heart to guests through the South, and therefore are well on our way to be “America’s Favorite Location for Chicken Salad.”

Discover What’s Going On at Chicken Salad Chick

Have you heard? Chicken Salad Chick is proud to have been featured on several media outlets throughout the South, as well as nationally. We ranked 37 on the Inc. 5000 set of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, which gained the interest of QSR Magazine, Restaurant Magazine,, and CNBC amongst others. Our Chicken Salad Chick Foundation events, including Music & Miracles and Teeing Off On Cancer fundraisers, have also made headlines. There’s always something fresh and new happening in the Chick.

hicken Salad Chick, the nation’s only southern inspired, fast casual chicken salad restaurant concept, launched its winter menu today featuring a brand new, limited-time curry chicken salad, four soups along with a cranberry apple salad. The brand new chicken salad features authentic Indian curry seasoning and golden raisins and inspired the Cuddle Approximately Curry promotion. In addition, Chicken Salad Chick is ckrakm its very limited time offer in the Cranberry Apple Salad through winter, and it’s four soup flavors are now being featured, which include Broccoli & Cheddar, Loaded Potato, Chicken Tortilla and Chicken Artichoke Florentine.

“Curry has this kind of rich flavor that is associated with warmth, which is good for winter,” said Stacy Brown, Chicken Salad Chick founder. “When we asked our guests recently what they’d like to find out from Chicken Salad Chick inside the New Year, they told us to help keep dressing up their most favorite chicken salad with new and exciting flavors. So we’re thrilled to introduce the new flavor to the loyal guests and expand on our chicken salad selection using the Cuddle up to Curry winter promotion.”

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